Month: August 2014

In The End It’s All Worth It

  My triceps, back, chest and legs are sore. They are growling with pain, it hurts to do everyday tasks such as bending over never-mind having to work a physically demanding job. Not to mention eating every three to four hours really takes a toll on me. My stomach is full but yet I have to keep eating in order to get every last ounce of nutritional goodness. I keep going, my goal of being the biggest and leanest me is on my sights and I am not going to take my eyes off the prize anytime soon. 

Now I could have stopped this never ending bodybuilding journey a long time ago, the pain is too much sometimes but in the end it’s all worth it. Remember that my friends and remember to tell yourselves that often, because once you complete any goal that you desire you will truly see that in the end all of this suffering you had to endure was truly worth it. Never forget that, keep going and keep giving it your all!

Do What Works For You

If you know a certain training program doesn’t work for you, why do it?. Why waste your time on a training program that your body simply doesn’t respond too, when you could just simply move on. By moving on I mean you could do some research and a find a training program that works for you and that you will constantly make gains with. You see my friends, bodybuilding is a twenty-four seven sport, every single thing has to work in order for you to make muscular gains in terms of strength, muscle mass and so on. So, like I said simply find the right training and diet program that works for you and do it over and over again and you will make keep getting good results.

Everyone is different:
Remember that everyone is different we are all built differently. Some people will have smaller joints and others will have larger joints, no two people are the same. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Remember this right here, the only advice I could give you, would be for you to experiment in the gym, see what works for you and what doesn’t. From there write down in your logbook what exercises work for you and from that build a fortified training program. The other piece of advice I would like to give you would be for you not to follow other peoples training programs in the gym. Like I said we are all built differently, if you don’t feel an exercise don’t do it and simply do the ones you feel on the targeted muscle. Take me for example, I was told to do the flat bench press to improve my chest muscle, but when I did it I felt more muscle stimulation on my shoulders and triceps and not my chest, which was supposed to be the targeted muscle group of the exercise. I tried everything from changing my grip to changing my body position and guess what, nothing worked for me, I still felt muscle stimulation on my shoulders and triceps and not my chest.

Overall, I simply did the right thing by moving on and experimenting in the gym. I quickly found different and better alternatives to the bench press that actually stimulated my chest and guess what happened, my chest grew like a weed. Ever since this day I have listened to my own bodies feedback and have been growing like a weed ever since. I invite you to do the same too.

Get An Armor Plated Chest With Only Three Exercises

When I think of an armor plated chest, I automatically think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest. His chest looked like an armor plate which the knights would wear during the middle ages. His chest also looked like it was carved out of steel, what else can I say, it looked beautiful.

You too can build and shape your chest like that by only doing three exercises. Yeah, you’ve heard that right, only three exercises, so without further adieu lets get started.

Exercise One: Incline Bench Press:
Now when you think of the chest you think of the flat bench press, when in reality the flat bench press is one of the worst exercises you can do for your chest. It delays your chest development and I would recommend you stay away from it. “Why?” you might ask, well it’s a really dangerous exercise and it really does no benefit for your chest. So, why waste your time on a dangerous exercise that doesn’t even work when there are better alternatives out there, like the incline bench press.

The incline bench press works out the whole chest muscle and it allows the chest to be fully stretched and used during the whole range of motion of the exercise. It is a also less dangerous than the flat bench press. A piece of advice that I would recommend to you when doing the incline bench press should be to slowly lower the bar to your chest and then explode up. Remember that the negative part of the rep is the most important part of the rep!

Exercise Two: Flat Dumbbell Press:
By using dumbbells you greatly reduce your chance of injury when working out your chest. The flat dumbbell press is the number one mass builder for me. It stretches out the chest and you can really contract your chest as hard as possible during the top portion of the movement. So, next time your in the gym give the flat dumbbell press a try.
Exercise Three: Cable Crossovers:
The contraction you get from doing cable crossovers is amazing it feels like your chest is engorging with blood every single rep. Now you can do cable crossovers in any kind of variation you want, it really doesn’t matter.

Gain Godly Amounts of Muscle Mass With Wholesome Nutritious Milk

Some of you may have been wondering if milk is a good source of protein and if you should use milk for bulking. The answer to that question is yes. If it wasn’t for milk being a cheap source of protein I wouldn’t be able to maintain my gains or make the gains that I got this past year. Some of you may argue that buying and drinking protein shakes is better than drinking milk. The answer to that no it’s not, because milk contains plenty of carbohydrates and protein that are used by your body when rebuilding your muscle tissue. You simply do not get those vital carbohydrates and protein from a protein shake unless you put some carbohydrate powder in your protein shake, but with all due respect why do that?. I mean look at it this way you will spend more money buying protein powder and carbohydrate powder then you will ever spend buying wholesome nutritious milk. However, though milk doesn’t come without it’s cons too. Check out the pros and cons that is right below this paragraph and make the choice if drinking milk is for you, it was for me at least. 



1. A good source of all of the vital nutrients and minerals. Carbohydrates, protein, fat and some vitamins and minerals are all present in milk. 

2. Milk has a lot of muscle building calories in it.

3. Muscle tissue can be maintained or gained through the consumption of milk.

4. Its cheap.


1. Milk contains a lot of natural sugar in it.

2. Milk will make you pack on some fat, but this will not be a problem if you decide to cut down.

Get Rid of Your Man Boobs Fast Without Surgery



Thankfully I have never been plagued with man boobs but many of my friends have. For example, a friend which is my training partner had man boobs. His chest looked like it was going to burst with milk and he always complained how his nipples where sore to the touch. His man boobs where ruining his life, he couldn’t wear his favorite tight shirts anymore due to his nipples piercing right through the shirts. He was embarrassed and confused he thought of surgery but thankfully I saved him from that choice.

“How?” you might ask, well it’s quite simple really. If you read the paragraphs below you will find the answer for getting rid of your man boobs fast without surgery.

Why You Have Man Boobs:

If you have man boobs you simply have to much of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body. The estrogen in your body has bonded onto the receptors located on your chest and made them grow into man boobs due to the feminizing effects of the female sex hormone estrogen.

What You Can Do:

In order to correct your problem you must increase your testosterone and lower your estrogen levels. That must be your priority!

There are a variety of ways to do this:

1. Use Zinc: Supplementation with zinc will give you nothing but the best of both worlds. It will increase your testosterone levels and it will lower your estrogen levels by not allowing the aromatase enzyme to convert your hard earned testosterone into estrogen. Zinc, is also quite cheap and it can be bought anywhere, it doesn’t matter which weight and brand you buy, all that matters is that you take your zinc pills daily!

2. Train Hard: By training hard you will increase your testosterone levels and as a bonus you will look more muscular, learner and you will be stronger too.

3. Take Myomin: Myomin is a Chinese herbal mixture which is proven to reduce estrogen levels by fifty percent. This is good because that means that there will be more testosterone molecules flowing through your body. Also, if you read the customer reviews of Myomin you will notice a lot of guys noticing an improvement in libido and increased testosterone levels.

4. Eat a High Cholesterol Diet: By eating a high cholesterol diet you will increase your testosterone by a massive amount. Why? well because cholesterol is the precursor for testosterone without cholesterol there will be no testosterone. Just be sure to eat the good cholesterol and not the bad one!

5. Take an anti estrogen pill: Bodybuilders usually do this to become harder and leaner during the on season, they also use anti estrogen pills to keep man boobs at bay. The choice is up to you if you are willing to do this, however though its a quick and easy fix.

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How To Get Big Arms Fast With Only Four Exercises


Having big arms or in other words having big triceps and biceps are cool. Let’s face it they have always been cool. Every guy out there would like to have bigger arms because having bigger arms is like a social status and it’s supposed to prove something to other people. It seems like whatever kind of problem you’re having in your life big arms will always make it better. I am just kidding, but I know you want bigger arms, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this article. So without further adieu let’s started.

Straight Bar Curls:

There’s something about straight bar curls that make your biceps fill with blood and just grow and grow in size and muscle mass. If you have ever done straight bar curls you will know what I mean.

However, to increase the intensity of this particular exercise I recommend you get yourself a spotter so they could help you with forced reps. Also you could do negative reps and partial reps as well. One last thing remember to take each set to complete muscular failure both positively and negatively.

Bicep Machine Curls:

With bicep machine curls you could completely kill your biceps. In a good way that is. Have your training partner help you with forced negatives when you fail completely positively. This will hurt a lot but in the end it’s worth every second of it, since your biceps will grow in terms of muscle mass gained. Also, you will probably be very sore the next day too, just giving you a heads up.

Triceps Push-downs:

You could do triceps push downs with a variety of grips and with a variety of equipment such as the rope or with the straight bar. The choice is really up to you. Remember to keep your elbows in when doing this exercise. Keep the form picture perfect and always go to complete muscular failure.


I prefer to do my skull crushers with the EZ bar since I noticed it puts less strain on my elbows. You can do whatever you find most comfortable. You will also need a spotter on this exercise, just go to failure, there is no need to do forced reps and all of that, since it is a very dangerous exercise to do.


Do you see a pattern here? All you need to do is four exercise for your arms and your workout should be done in thirty minutes. There is no need to do fifty million different exercises that target all the heads of the biceps and triceps. All you will need is four exercises that will push you to your breaking point. After that you will simply go home, eat your six meals and recover your resources for the next very intense workout.

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Get Massive Shoulders By Using These Two Secret Tips


Having big cannonball shoulders not only increase your width but also increase your V-taper, which is always a bonus, you can never have too much of a V-taper. Having big shoulders as some people call them is the cherry on top of your physique if you know what I mean. Also, not to mention big cannonball shoulders are a sign of masculinity. So stand back and watch and learn while I show you the secret to getting big cannonball shoulders.

Tip One: Train Your Rear Delts:

In order to have big massive shoulders you must train your rear delts. People that go in the gym and do a bunch of different varieties of shoulder presses will only have big overpowered front delts and weak under-powered rear delts.

I know, I know, they are a very hard and small muscle group to train but they are the secret for having big shoulders. My advice to you for training rear delts would be to try every exercise out there. See what works for you and what doesn’t then finally get to training your rear delts. My other piece of advice would be too really contract your rear delts as hard as possible and to hold the static movement of the rep for as long as possible. Doing this will give you very good growth on the weak part of everyone’s shoulders and you will get the huge cannonball shoulders that you have always dreamed off.

Tip Two: Behind The Back Shoulder Press:

Now this is an exercise I don’t normally and usually see people doing in the gym. Perhaps that is why they have weak shoulders or it could be a variety of causes. Enough of that, anyways, doing behind the back shoulder presses will hit your shoulders from a different angle. An angle that your body is not used to, hence your body will re-compensate for this stress and your shoulders will grow quite nicely.

Now, you can do this with a variety of styles. You can do it standing or sitting down on a bench with a barbell or on the smith machines. I prefer to do mine on the smith machine while sitting down on the bench because it is much safer to go to complete failure and the risk of injury is much less than doing it with the barbell.


Now, that you know the secret formula for getting massive shoulders, you should go and take action. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get big shoulders!

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Why Knowing Your Muscle Fiber Type Is Important


Everyone’s body is composed of certain muscle tissues that will help them in either endurance or strength. Some people have more red muscle fibers than white muscle tissues and vice versa. Figuring out your muscle type is not only important to know but it can also affect your training and muscle growth to never before seen heights. By figuring out your muscle type you will know what works for you and what doesn’t and from that you will build an amazing physique.

Red Muscle Fibers:

Slow twitch muscle fibers are very slow to contract, hence the name slow twitch. However, though these muscle fibers can sustain muscular contractions for an extended period of time. This factor makes them ideal for endurance type training. Overall these fibers are fatigue resistant but are only able to produce a relatively low-level of force output.

They are also very red in color hence, why some people call them red muscle fibers. They are red in color due to the fact that these fibers having many capillaries flowing through them.

White Muscle Fibers:

Fast twitch muscle fibers can rapidly produce a high amount of force output when used. This makes them quite suitable for sports such as power lifting, soccer and basketball. They are also white in color and contain an amazing amount of glycogen in them, making them suitable for power output rather than endurance.

Figuring Out Your Muscle Type:

To figure out what muscle fiber type you are made out off you should figure out your one rep maximum on any exercise and use about eighty percent of that weight. From there you will perform as many reps as you can.

Less than seven repetitions: More white muscle tissue

Seven to eights repetitions: Mixed muscle type tissue

More than eight repetitions: More red muscle tissue

If you have more white muscle tissue you should probably use heavier weight and train to complete muscular failure at six to eight repetitions. However, if you have more red muscle tissue you should do more reps with medium weight and train to complete muscular failure.

Remember that some muscle groups have more slow twitch muscle tissue than fast twitch muscle tissue and vice versa. Therefore, you have to do this test for all of your muscle groups because not all muscle groups are built the same. Eventually from that you will develop a training program which works for you.

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