The Only Two Tips Hard Gainers Need


You’ve tried everything, from every single workout to every single supplement promising growth out there and yet you still haven’t gained any muscle mass. Do not worry though the two tips that I will list below will help you turn into that beast that you have always dreamed off.

My Story:

I used to be a hard gainer like you but I never gave up. I researched and tried everything out there and most of the things I tried never worked for me and not to mention it was a big cash drain for me too. However, one night I found the secret formula and it was called high intensity training plus eating six meals every three to four hours every single day and getting enough rest. The results where outstanding, I grew like a weed and soon I was the biggest guy in school, on the block and on the street.

Below are a couple of pictures of me recently taken, a couple of days ago.

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Embedded image permalink

Without further adieu lets get started

Tip One: Up Your Training Intensity 

If its one thing I learned and that stuck by me through my gym days is training intensity. In order to get big you must train very and intensely. Below are some intensity techniques that you could use next time your in the gym training.

Negative Repetitions: People often forget that the most important part of the repetition or rep which its most commonly known as is the negative portion. This is where most of the muscle damage occurs and from this damage one will experience muscular growth. To do negative reps I will advise you to explode on the positive movement of the rep then slowly lower the weight inch by inch on the negative part of the rep. Doing negative reps will make your muscles burn and grow!

Forced Repetitions: Forced reps are a particular all time favorite of mine, basically you would get your training partner or spotter to push the weight for you when you fail completely. The forced reps will turn on your bodies growth mechanism since these are the repetitions which will send the growth signal to your body.

Partial Repetitions: Partial reps are a shock method that further shocks your muscles into complete muscular failure and complete muscular growth. Partial reps are effective near the end of the set when your muscles are exhausted. You would then try to lift the weight up as much as possible for as many times as possible, continuing to do so until you cant do it no more. At the end of your set your muscles should be on fire and pumped with blood to the extreme!

The Shocking Principle: The shocking principle is when you “shock” your body. This “shock” can be achieved by switching your workout routine or switching the usual way you do your workout. This “shock” will “shock” your body into complete muscular growth!

Forced Negative Repetitions: Forced negative repetitions are basically when you or your training partner push down on the weight as hard as they can while you try to not let them push you down. Doing forced negative reps forces you to cope with greater resistance, which means more muscle tears, which means more muscle growth for you. Forced negative repetitions should always be done with machines or cables rather then with free weights since it is very dangerous to do it with free weights. 

Tip Two: Eating and Resting

You have to eat real food in order to get big. The food that you will be eating will help you progress, in terms of weight lifted and muscle mass gained. However, you should be eating five to six meals a day every three to fourhours, not two or three big meals a day. This will help you gain muscle mass and will help you increase your metabolic rate which will help you burn fat.

Below is an example of a meal plan designed for the person looking to get big and gain muscle mass.

Breakfast (9:00am): Six eggs poached or any style, 1/4 pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, a cup of milk, a bottle of water and two or three slices of bread .

Lunch (12:00pm): A meaty sandwich or two with two cups of milk, a bottle of water, a cup of yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit of your choice.

Mini Meal (3:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice, a cup of milk and a bottle of water.

Dinner (6:00pm): One pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, one large salad, two to five pieces of bread, two cups of milk, a cup of any starchy carbohydrate of your choice and a bottle of water.

Mini Meal (9:00pm): Two cups of milk, a piece of bread or two with a banana and a bottle of water





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