Five Stupid Steroid Myths Busted


Back in the day you must have heard some stupid steroid myths and probably you still believe them. Well I am here today to break these stupid steroid myths, and I know that you will learn a thing or two on the way.

P.S I have never done steroids in my life, however though as with any young kid I wanted fast results, however though through research I have learned that steroids are not for me and I would like to stay natural and see how far I can take my body.

Lie One: Steroids Will Kill You

The media has brainwashed people into thinking that the use of steroids will kill them. I don’t know how a little bit of extra hormones in your body will kill you but that is what people believe. If I lined up a bottle of Dianabol, which is a steroid and a bottle of Aspirin and said “Which one would you be able to swallow all hundred tablets and be absolutely sure you wouldn’t die” I would personally pick the Dianabol over the Aspirin. A whole bottle of Aspirin will burn a hole though your stomach and make you die, while a whole bottle of Dianabol will screw up your hormone levels.

Don’t believe me check this out. In an emergency room visit study during the year two thousand nine, Aspirin ranked twenty-fifth at seven thousand and thirty-one emergency room visit. While steroids ranked at one hundred forty-second at three hundred and fourteen emergency room visits.

Now I am not saying that you should take as much steroids as possible, but realize this, anything in excess will cause problems so be smart!

Lie Two: Increased Bone and Head Growth From Steroids

Steroids will not make your bones and head grow, human growth hormone will do that but steroids wont. Steroids will however cause your cartilage to grow. This means that if you take steroids your nose and ears will grow since they are mostly made from cartilage. However though from the research that I have done, this “growth” is very little and most people do not realize that their nose and ears are growing.

Lie Three: Steroids Will Make Your Penis Shrink

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard with conjunction with steroids. Yes, steroids will make your testicles shrink, but they will not make you penis shrink. Actually, your penis might grow from the increased blood flow from the steroids.

Lie Four: Steroids Cause Roid Rage

This is absolutely not true, just because you take steroids doesn’t mean that you will kill your neighbor because they woke you up in the middle of the night. Steroids will however amplify your personality, if your naturally aggressive than steroids will amplify that way more but if you’re a naturally chill person nothing will happen if you take steroids.

Lie Five: Steroids Will Make You Into A Freak Show

Steroids will not make you into a freak show, however if you take mega doses of steroids with human growth hormone and insulin than you will look insane. This deadly combination is enough to turn you into a human gorilla. If you only take a couple of milligrams of steroids here and there this wont be enough to turn you into a freak and you will probably look more aesthetic than a freak.


Overall steroids are prescription drugs and they have some dangerous side effects to them. Most of these side effects are well-known and can be easily treated.

If your thinking about taking steroids, I would like to advise you that you must do your research!

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