Mr. Olympia: Kai Greene vs Phil Heath Predictions and Opinions

With the 2014 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. In one corner you have the mass monster known as Kai Greene, possibly the biggest bodybuilder since Ronnie Coleman. Kai Greene has been the runner up for the Mr. Olympia for a very long time, he is most likely pissed off and really wants to accomplish his dreams and goals, which means he will give it his all for this Mr. Olympia. While in the other corner you have Phil Heath AKA “The Gift”, this man is built like a tank and he shows it. He has been the best built man on Earth for three years now and he is most likely going for his fourth Mr. Olympia this year. Once again this years Mr. Olympia will be between Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

My prediction of who are going to be the top three in the 2014 Mr. Olympia are:

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Dennis Wolf

I know, I know, all of you Kai Greene fans will hate me for putting the “cocky” Phil Heath first once again but you have to look at it logically. Phil Heath just comes in way better condition than the mass monster Kai Greene, if maybe Kai Greene nailed down his conditioning, would there be a chance of him winning the Mr. Olympia and finally completing his life dream and passion. I don’t know because sadly the upper powers of the sport of bodybuilding have Kai Greene in an arm bar due to his past. He can’t truly be an ambassador of the sport because of his past. Now, I don’t blame Kai Greene for doing it he had to what he had to do to support his dream and follow it fully. I bet we would all do the same thing if our dreams depended on it. I just wish that the upper powers in the sport of bodybuilding would realize that and not judge him on his past. This would make for a fairer Olympia, but sadly do I see that happening…. the answer is quite simply no. 

I could be wrong though for all I know Kai Greene might win the 2014 Mr. Olympia, I have no clue anything can happen, we just simply have to sit down and watch it unfold in front of us. 


  1. You talk about Kai nailing his conditioning under the picture of 2013 Arnold Classic Kai??? How much dumber can you get. Did you see video footage or pics of that show? Kai was so shredded and still so much bigger than Phil that It was daylight robbery and the crowd immediately acknowledged it by booing & whistling the announcement of Kai being presented 2nd place.
    As many said, if this is the way he is going to be judged even when he clearly out conditions and outsizes Phil then all Body building contests should be stopped and they should just bring in Phil and announce him the winner.


    1. Mr. TNT, I would like to thank you for your comment but look at it this way. What is more prestigious in bodybuilding the Arnold Classic or the Mr. Olympia?. The Mr. Olympia of course, and look at what shape Kai Greene came in last year, his condition wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Like I said, I wish nothing but the best for Kai and we will see what will happen at the up and coming 2014 Mr. Olympia.


      1. I certainly agree Mr. Olympia is more prestigious but if they are going to be robbing Kai Greene like they did in ACE 2013 then all the guys predicting Phil as the winner can rest assured. The powers that be will never let it be played out fairly.

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