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Put On Quality Muscle Mass On Your Back With These Four Exercises


In the sport of bodybuilding today and in any gym around the world today you barely see any good backs anymore. I don’t know what it is. Is it because people think to have a good back you need good genetics. Or is it because the back muscles are not “cool” like the bicep muscles are and as a result less attention is given to the back when one is training it. Overall, if you want a bigger back you came to the right place because with the five exercises I will list below you will put on quality muscle mass on your back in no time. So, without further adieu let’s get started.

Exercise One: Nautilus Pullover’s or Dumbbell Pullover’s

The Nautilus Pullover Machine which was made by Arthur Jones and made famous by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates was known as the upper body squat. The beauty of this piece of equipment is that it allows the lats to be worked without any bicep involvement, because usually the biceps are the weak link in the chain in any back exercise. Meaning that the biceps will tire out faster than the back itself. If you do not have access to the Nautilus Pullover Machine then I recommend to you to do dumbbell pullover’s instead however though it’s not the same thing as the Nautilus Pullover’s listed above.

Exercise Two: Close Grip Lat Pull Downs

Far to many times I see people in the gym doing wide grip lat pull-downs instead of close grip lat pull downs. Wide grip lat pull downs lower the range of motion of your lats which means your not going to put any quality muscle mass on your back. Not to mention the biceps will burn out faster than the back too. While close grip lat pull downs increases the range of motion of your lats while putting your biceps in a mechanically stronger position which means that you will lift more and put on quality muscle mass on your back.

Exercise Three: Barbell Rows:

Barbell Rows are the number one mass builder for the back. Practically every muscle group in the back gets worked out on. You can do your barbell rows in any way that you like. I, however prefer to do mine at a seventy-five degree angle and I use a underhand grip because I feel my lats get more work that way.

Exercise Four: Dead-lifts:

Just like the barbell rows above dead-lifts will work on every muscle fiber in your back. This will help you put on quality muscle mass on your back as well as help you get stronger. It doesn’t matter which way you do your dead-lifts all dead-lifts work out the back the same way.

Funny Workout Faces of Bodybuilders


Now, we all have to have fun once in a while, right?. Well that is why I chose to show you guys some really funny workout faces of some really famous bodybuilders today. I know you guys will find this funny just like how in the gym you might hear a weird and funny noise or see your friend making a very funny weird face. Well without further adieu lets get started!


1. Ronnie Coleman: 

Now this man right here is known for his “Yeah buddies” and “Ain’t nothing but a peanut” but he is also known for his funny workout faces especially when he is lifting his signature heavy weights.


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the best bodybuilders in the world and he is the man that put bodybuilding on the map and made it into a very popular sport. He is also known for his funny workout faces, acting faces and much, much more.


3. Ron Partlow:

Now most of you have probably never heard of Ron Partlow, however though he is getting more and more famous each and upcoming day, due to the fact of his signing with supplement maker Mutant.


4. Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler used to have one of the most beautiful and aesthetic bodies known to the sport of bodybuilding. Some also say he is the uncrowned Mr. Olympia, but one thing for sure is that he makes some funny faces when working out.


5. Lou Ferrigno

Ahh, I can’t forget to put Lou Ferrigno on this list. He was made famous due to his role in the bodybuilding movie Pumping Iron, and due to the face that he was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rival. This man just downright makes some funny workout faces. Check them out!

Removing Your Unwanted Bodybuilding Stretch Marks With Bio Oil

I do not own this picture above. This is for education purposes only. Do you really want to look like that? Fix your stretch marks!


Now, don’t be ashamed I know you have a couple of unwanted stretch marks on your body, I did too. However, though I believe you should be happy that you have those “unwanted” stretch marks because those stretch marks on your skin are a sign of progress, if you have been weight-training or bodybuilding. I should probably congratulate you now, well here goes nothing. Congratulations you grew like a weed and packed on some serious muscle mass on your body if you did it right and followed the advice listed on my website. I truly believe that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your stretch marks, you’ve earned them. Just kidding, I know you want to get rid of them, so I got here a product that will knock your socks off!

Stretch Marks and Bodybuilding:

Like I said in the introduction segment of this article, the reason you have stretch marks is because your packing on some quality muscle mass. Your skin can’t simply keep up with this growth, or you genetically do not have stretchy skin. Bodybuilders usually deal with stretch marks by applying a very dark tan on them or use a cream or oil to make them go away as I am about to recommend to you. If your bodybuilding, power lifting or for whatever reason have stretch marks on your skin use Bio Oil. Bio Oil will do its job of getting the stretch marks on your skin off fast and effectively. Don’t believe me check out the information that I provide below!

How Bio Oil Works:

Bio Oil is a very good product if you have stretch marks, I simply can’t stress this more than enough. Now, Bio Oil contains the breakthrough ingredient known as “Purecellin Oil” which revolutionized the skincare world. Not to mention Bio Oil has won 183 skincare awards and is the number one selling scar and stretch mark removal product in the world. The secret ingredient in Bio Oil does all of this which I will list below:1. Helps even skin tone
2. Decreases the appearance of exsisting stretch marks
3. Effectively prevents the development of stretch marks
4. Removes stretch marks
5. Effective for aging and drying skin
My Story and Recommendation:
I used to have stretch marks just like you, but thanks to Bio Oil they have decreased dramatically. I made the mistake of buying Bio Oil from the store when I should of bought it on E bay or Amazon because it is cheaper and it keeps my money in my wallet where it should be. Don’t worry though I learned my lesson and I usually buy my Bio Oil online. Anyways, If your willing to give Bio Oil a chance, buy it below!


Eat Average, Look Average, Eat Good and Look Amazing

Bodybuilding is 90% nutrition, 5% training, 3% genetics and 2% steroids and other bodybuilding drugs if you decide to take them. Do you see that 90% if that doesn’t tell you that bodybuilding is mostly about nutrition I don’t know what will. If you eat average you will of course look average. If you want to look average then that is fine with me, but if you want to look better, feel better and have that alpha mentality then you will have to train your ass off, eat and diet your ass off and be mentally ready for your goals, dreams and desires.

You will also have to get rid of that stupid western mentality of “It’s just one doughnut”. Well guess what if you just have one more doughnut or just have one more cake or whatever you want then you will of course look average.

Get that mentality out of your brain, get your diet in check, train your ass off and you will look like whoever you want to look like. I believe you can do this, give it a 100% or nothing.

P.S, look at the picture above, both of those guys are like that because of their diets. The guy on the left is big because he eats big while the guy on the right is lean because he eats good and follows his strict diet. This just goes to show you that bodybuilding is mostly about nutrition!

The Only Two Tips Hard Gainers Need


You’ve tried everything, from every single workout to every single supplement promising growth out there and yet you still haven’t gained any muscle mass. Do not worry though the two tips that I will list below will help you turn into that beast that you have always dreamed off.

My Story:

I used to be a hard gainer like you but I never gave up. I researched and tried everything out there and most of the things I tried never worked for me and not to mention it was a big cash drain for me too. However, one night I found the secret formula and it was called high intensity training plus eating six meals every three to four hours every single day and getting enough rest. The results where outstanding, I grew like a weed and soon I was the biggest guy in school, on the block and on the street.

Below are a couple of pictures of me recently taken, a couple of days ago.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Without further adieu lets get started

Tip One: Up Your Training Intensity 

If its one thing I learned and that stuck by me through my gym days is training intensity. In order to get big you must train very and intensely. Below are some intensity techniques that you could use next time your in the gym training.

Negative Repetitions: People often forget that the most important part of the repetition or rep which its most commonly known as is the negative portion. This is where most of the muscle damage occurs and from this damage one will experience muscular growth. To do negative reps I will advise you to explode on the positive movement of the rep then slowly lower the weight inch by inch on the negative part of the rep. Doing negative reps will make your muscles burn and grow!

Forced Repetitions: Forced reps are a particular all time favorite of mine, basically you would get your training partner or spotter to push the weight for you when you fail completely. The forced reps will turn on your bodies growth mechanism since these are the repetitions which will send the growth signal to your body.

Partial Repetitions: Partial reps are a shock method that further shocks your muscles into complete muscular failure and complete muscular growth. Partial reps are effective near the end of the set when your muscles are exhausted. You would then try to lift the weight up as much as possible for as many times as possible, continuing to do so until you cant do it no more. At the end of your set your muscles should be on fire and pumped with blood to the extreme!

The Shocking Principle: The shocking principle is when you “shock” your body. This “shock” can be achieved by switching your workout routine or switching the usual way you do your workout. This “shock” will “shock” your body into complete muscular growth!

Forced Negative Repetitions: Forced negative repetitions are basically when you or your training partner push down on the weight as hard as they can while you try to not let them push you down. Doing forced negative reps forces you to cope with greater resistance, which means more muscle tears, which means more muscle growth for you. Forced negative repetitions should always be done with machines or cables rather then with free weights since it is very dangerous to do it with free weights. 

Tip Two: Eating and Resting

You have to eat real food in order to get big. The food that you will be eating will help you progress, in terms of weight lifted and muscle mass gained. However, you should be eating five to six meals a day every three to fourhours, not two or three big meals a day. This will help you gain muscle mass and will help you increase your metabolic rate which will help you burn fat.

Below is an example of a meal plan designed for the person looking to get big and gain muscle mass.

Breakfast (9:00am): Six eggs poached or any style, 1/4 pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, a cup of milk, a bottle of water and two or three slices of bread .

Lunch (12:00pm): A meaty sandwich or two with two cups of milk, a bottle of water, a cup of yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit of your choice.

Mini Meal (3:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice, a cup of milk and a bottle of water.

Dinner (6:00pm): One pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, one large salad, two to five pieces of bread, two cups of milk, a cup of any starchy carbohydrate of your choice and a bottle of water.

Mini Meal (9:00pm): Two cups of milk, a piece of bread or two with a banana and a bottle of water





Five Stupid Steroid Myths Busted


Back in the day you must have heard some stupid steroid myths and probably you still believe them. Well I am here today to break these stupid steroid myths, and I know that you will learn a thing or two on the way.

P.S I have never done steroids in my life, however though as with any young kid I wanted fast results, however though through research I have learned that steroids are not for me and I would like to stay natural and see how far I can take my body.

Lie One: Steroids Will Kill You

The media has brainwashed people into thinking that the use of steroids will kill them. I don’t know how a little bit of extra hormones in your body will kill you but that is what people believe. If I lined up a bottle of Dianabol, which is a steroid and a bottle of Aspirin and said “Which one would you be able to swallow all hundred tablets and be absolutely sure you wouldn’t die” I would personally pick the Dianabol over the Aspirin. A whole bottle of Aspirin will burn a hole though your stomach and make you die, while a whole bottle of Dianabol will screw up your hormone levels.

Don’t believe me check this out. In an emergency room visit study during the year two thousand nine, Aspirin ranked twenty-fifth at seven thousand and thirty-one emergency room visit. While steroids ranked at one hundred forty-second at three hundred and fourteen emergency room visits.

Now I am not saying that you should take as much steroids as possible, but realize this, anything in excess will cause problems so be smart!

Lie Two: Increased Bone and Head Growth From Steroids

Steroids will not make your bones and head grow, human growth hormone will do that but steroids wont. Steroids will however cause your cartilage to grow. This means that if you take steroids your nose and ears will grow since they are mostly made from cartilage. However though from the research that I have done, this “growth” is very little and most people do not realize that their nose and ears are growing.

Lie Three: Steroids Will Make Your Penis Shrink

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard with conjunction with steroids. Yes, steroids will make your testicles shrink, but they will not make you penis shrink. Actually, your penis might grow from the increased blood flow from the steroids.

Lie Four: Steroids Cause Roid Rage

This is absolutely not true, just because you take steroids doesn’t mean that you will kill your neighbor because they woke you up in the middle of the night. Steroids will however amplify your personality, if your naturally aggressive than steroids will amplify that way more but if you’re a naturally chill person nothing will happen if you take steroids.

Lie Five: Steroids Will Make You Into A Freak Show

Steroids will not make you into a freak show, however if you take mega doses of steroids with human growth hormone and insulin than you will look insane. This deadly combination is enough to turn you into a human gorilla. If you only take a couple of milligrams of steroids here and there this wont be enough to turn you into a freak and you will probably look more aesthetic than a freak.


Overall steroids are prescription drugs and they have some dangerous side effects to them. Most of these side effects are well-known and can be easily treated.

If your thinking about taking steroids, I would like to advise you that you must do your research!

Forced Negative Reps For Muscle Growth


Damn, I just did some forced negatives yesterday when I was training my arms, all I can say is wow. I never been this sore for a very long time, which by the way being sore is a good indicator of muscle growth. Also, this is a great way to bring up the intensity of you workouts.

What Are Forced Negative Reps: 

Forced negative repetitions are basically when you or your training partner push down on the weight as hard as they can while you try to not let them push you down. Doing forced negative reps forces you to cope with greater resistance, which means more muscle tears, which means more muscle growth for you. Forced negative repetitions should always be done with machines or cables rather then with free weights since it is very dangerous to do it with free weights. 

Your Turn:

Next time your in the gym try it out and I guarantee you that you will be very sore the next day. If you can handle the pain the following day then you will be a champion in my book, since you will grow some muscles! 

Mr. Olympia: Kai Greene vs Phil Heath Predictions and Opinions

With the 2014 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. In one corner you have the mass monster known as Kai Greene, possibly the biggest bodybuilder since Ronnie Coleman. Kai Greene has been the runner up for the Mr. Olympia for a very long time, he is most likely pissed off and really wants to accomplish his dreams and goals, which means he will give it his all for this Mr. Olympia. While in the other corner you have Phil Heath AKA “The Gift”, this man is built like a tank and he shows it. He has been the best built man on Earth for three years now and he is most likely going for his fourth Mr. Olympia this year. Once again this years Mr. Olympia will be between Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

My prediction of who are going to be the top three in the 2014 Mr. Olympia are:

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Dennis Wolf

I know, I know, all of you Kai Greene fans will hate me for putting the “cocky” Phil Heath first once again but you have to look at it logically. Phil Heath just comes in way better condition than the mass monster Kai Greene, if maybe Kai Greene nailed down his conditioning, would there be a chance of him winning the Mr. Olympia and finally completing his life dream and passion. I don’t know because sadly the upper powers of the sport of bodybuilding have Kai Greene in an arm bar due to his past. He can’t truly be an ambassador of the sport because of his past. Now, I don’t blame Kai Greene for doing it he had to what he had to do to support his dream and follow it fully. I bet we would all do the same thing if our dreams depended on it. I just wish that the upper powers in the sport of bodybuilding would realize that and not judge him on his past. This would make for a fairer Olympia, but sadly do I see that happening…. the answer is quite simply no. 

I could be wrong though for all I know Kai Greene might win the 2014 Mr. Olympia, I have no clue anything can happen, we just simply have to sit down and watch it unfold in front of us.