The Biggest Mistake Holding You Back In The Gym

The biggest mistake holding you back in the gym, is not listening to your own body!

Yeah you’ve heard that! That is the biggest single mistake you can make in the gym and it is holding you back in terms of everything. I can’t lie for I have one this many times in the past and it has held me back in terms of everything too. For example many people have told me to do the flat bench press and that it’s the only way I could bring up my lagging chest up. I listened to them, rather then listening to my own body and I got no results at all, my shoulders and triceps got bigger, however my chest was still small and underdeveloped.

You may be asking “Why is that?” and the answer is simply that I feel the bench press more on my shoulders and triceps rather then on my chest. After that, I began to experiment and I decided to start listening to my body and I found out that the decline bench press made my chest grow like crazy.

You have to listen to your body, if you don’t feel an exercise, stop doing it, move on and find one that stimulates the specific muscle group your working on. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, listen to your body and don’t listen to other people we are all different remember that!

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