The Top Three Supplements You Can’t Go Without When Weightlifting

Introduction: Your blasted by marketing ads every single day, whether it be on the T.V, magazine or computer it doesn’t matter its all the same. Supplement companies are no different, they need to make money. Most of the products that they have to offer are bullshit. The only three bodybuilding supplements that work and that you will ever need are protein powder, creatine and fish oil.

Protein Powder: There are many different types of protein powder, such as, whey protein, whey protein isolate, casein protein and soy protein. Just pick one other then soy protein unless your lactose intolerant, because its all the same shit and each type of protein powder does the exact same job. It feeds your body with a source of protein when you do not have access to real food. Remember real food should always be number one on your list, nothing is more anabolic then real food. You should be eating a complete meal with all the three macros in it, carbohydrates, protein and fats six times a day, with every one meal being eating every three or four hours.

I will tell you straight up drinking six protein shakes a day, rather then eating real food six times a day wont do jack shit to you and your physique. I personally only have a protein shake right after a workout or when I know that I will not be able to eat real food. Remember food is number one!


Creatine: Creatine is a proven supplement known to work with various studies shown to prove. It doesn’t matter what kind of brand you buy your creatine from, however I would like to point out its all the same shit, if you get buy flavored creatine your basically paying forty dollars more just for the flavoring itself and for the brand name. That is why I recommend you to buy the cheapest creatine you can find because its all the same, if you want some flavor with your creatine drink it with orange juice. Overall creatine is a good mass building supplement because it increases ones strength and that is a good thing because you must progress in the gym in terms of weight poundage’s lifted in order to get bigger and stronger.


Fish Oil: A fish oil that contains all the essential fats, which are omega 3, 6 and 9 is a great supplement to have and use for the body. It lubricates the joints, protects the heart and the brain and allows one to lift heavier then before, all in all, its a great supplement to have in your supplement arsenal.




    1. Well Mr. Kevin, ZMA is a good test booster however the testosterone you will get from taking ZMA wont be huge, you wont gain freaky amounts of muscles fast just by taking it, however you will notice an increase in libido and so on.


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