Get Abs and a Smaller Waistline Fast With This One Simple and Easy Exercise



Ideally us bodybuilders want to get as much of the “V-Shape” as possible while maintaining a small waist. However sometimes genetics get in the way and instead of looking like a Greek or Roman statue one ends up looking like a fridge. There are ways to enhance ones “V-Taper” such as by losing fat, however that is a long and tedious process. Today I am going to show everyone one simple exercise that one can do to get a smaller waist and flatter abdominal muscles.

What is a “V-Taper”?: 
A “V-Taper” is basically a person that has big wide shoulders and a small waist. A “V-Taper” is basically what gives someone the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing “V-Shape”.

Stomach Vacuums: 
This is the secret exercise that I have mentioned above in the introduction segment of this article. One should forget doing abdominal exercises such as crunches or sit ups and just strictly focus and do stomach vacuums once a day, while holding that position for at least thirty seconds. Stomach vacuums create a much smaller waistline and exaggerates the size and fullness of ones chest and rib cage. It also flattens ones abdominal muscles while achieving the maximum definition one can have on their midsection’s. Stomach vacuums are the way to go! doing sit up and crunches are however not the way to go, due to the fact that they build a thicker waistline and thicker abdominal’s, which is not ascetically pleasing.

How to do Stomach Vacuums:
There are a lot of varieties of doing stomach vacuums, for example one is when one kneels down and the other is when one stands up and does the stomach vacuum pose.

To practice stomach vacuums while kneeling down basically one has to get down on their and hands and knees, blow out all their breath and suck in their abdominal muscles as much as they can. This position should be held for at least thirty seconds. To practice vacuums while standing up, one has to basically just do the same thing while standing up. If one is up for a challenge then they should the vacuum pose while in a kneeling position. One should kneel upright with their hands on their knees and try to hold the vacuum position for as long as they can. Once they master this they will become professionals in all other aspects of the vacuum pose.

Famous People That Did This Exercise: 
Some famous people, that have done this exercise and achieved the famous and aesthetically pleasing “V-Shape” look are, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lee Haney and most of the bodybuilders from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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