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Free Weights Vs Machines: Which Is Better?


During the evolution of bodybuilding mankind has seen a technological advance in bodybuilding machines. Nowadays machines are designed and manufactured better than ever. However one may ask which is better. That answer will be found in the conclusion section of this article, but first lets get started with the pros and cons between the two!


The machines that are found today all over the world are designed and manufactured better than ever. One must realize that machines just like free weights are tools that are used to sculpt and build ones body to the maximum one can achieve possible. Also, one must be thankful and appreciative of the machines that are found today, look at the machines from the 1960’s and 1970’s and you will see what I mean.

Without further adieu, let’s get started – machines help isolate one’s muscle. What I mean by that is let’s say one does straight bar curls for the bicep muscle, while using the free weight, one’s front deltoid and forearms will assist in lifting the weight. However if one goes on a machine that is made strictly for the bicep muscle, the bicep will strictly do the work and lift the weight up. This isolation that ones gets from a machine will make the muscle work harder and stricter. However machines have cons too, cons such as not working the stabilizer muscles and not getting the most of ones natural testosterone production. Overall machines help isolate the muscle group one works out on, but limits the other muscle groups in terms of growth and strength.

Free Weights: 

The muscles found in the human body where designed by evolution to overcome the pull of gravity rather then to work against machines resistance. Therefore one’s biggest gains in strength and muscles size will come from lifting free weights such as dumbbells, barbells and straight bars. Lifting free weights will also increase ones natural testosterone production which is need for muscle growth and recovery. However this all comes with a cost. When using free weights different muscle groups will come into play, thus making ones workout less efficient. However, overall the pros outweigh the cons when one uses free weights!

Conclusion Which Is Better?: 

Neither because both are tools one needs to build their bodies up to the maximum they can achieve possible. Therefore I recommend one has both machine and free weight exercises in their weight-training routines!

Experimentation In The Gym and Home Will Yield Great Results

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Every professional bodybuilder is correct in their own way, some might like to do extra negative reps and some like to do more volume training. However it is up to you to find your own way to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

First off lets get this straight everyone is different, we all have different genetics and so on, no two people are the same. Some bodybuilders respond better to high carbohydrates, low fat and high protein diets and others do not. The bottom line is that the rules do not apply the same for everyone.

Everyone has their own personal formula, you have to find out what works for you. Experimentation in the gym is a great way to start. If you don’t feel an exercise don’t do it and find out which exercises work for you, and from there you will eventually figure out a training and diet regiment. Like I said bodybuilding is about trial and error, I don’t care who tells you different. 

So finally to conclude this short article, my advice is to you to experiment in the gym and with your diet. Listen to your body and adjust it until you find what is right for you. You are unique remember that!

Four Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle Mass In The Gym

Greg Plitt


You’ve been going to the fitness center for a while and you think you’re on the right track. However though you’re not seeing any results. This pisses you off and you end up getting depressed over it, your fitness center progress halts. You start to wonder what’s wrong and start believing that it’s all your fault when it really isn’t. All you need is a sound plan, see where you made any mistakes at and finally a kick in the ass from me, and you’ll get back on track.

Mistake One: Not Listening To Your Body:

The number one mistake one can make in the gym is not listening to their body. For example, let us say one does not feel that their chest is isolated and working when they do the flat bench press, so instead of doing it over and over, one should stop doing it and find a far better exercise to do. It is all about experimentation, you have to find out what works best for you and from there you can build a training program that is designed specifically for your needs and goals. Remember we are all built differently, what works for me might not necessarily work for you.

Mistake Two: Not Keeping A Training Log

By not tracking your progress, you risk not progressing at each and every workout. Also, by having a training log, you can see on how you progressed since you’ve started working out. This will motivate you even more to stay on track and complete your goals.

Mistake Three: Not Training With Intensity

Far too often I see people just walk into the gym and half ass their workout. In my mind a half ass workout and a half ass diet or meal plan will only give you a half ass body. You must go into the gym with guns blazing and give it your absolute best effort. Remember your workout should be nothing short, but the best!

P.S to up the intensity of your workouts you could do forced reps, forced negatives, negative reps, drop sets, super sets and partial reps.

Mistake Four: Cheating Yourself

By cheating yourself you’re only going to get a half ass body. If you want a half ass body that is fine, but if you want to look your absolute best it is not fine. Never ever cheat yourself! I expect nothing but the best from you, good luck!

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The Biggest Mistake Holding You Back In The Gym

The biggest mistake holding you back in the gym, is not listening to your own body!

Yeah you’ve heard that! That is the biggest single mistake you can make in the gym and it is holding you back in terms of everything. I can’t lie for I have one this many times in the past and it has held me back in terms of everything too. For example many people have told me to do the flat bench press and that it’s the only way I could bring up my lagging chest up. I listened to them, rather then listening to my own body and I got no results at all, my shoulders and triceps got bigger, however my chest was still small and underdeveloped.

You may be asking “Why is that?” and the answer is simply that I feel the bench press more on my shoulders and triceps rather then on my chest. After that, I began to experiment and I decided to start listening to my body and I found out that the decline bench press made my chest grow like crazy.

You have to listen to your body, if you don’t feel an exercise, stop doing it, move on and find one that stimulates the specific muscle group your working on. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, listen to your body and don’t listen to other people we are all different remember that!

Launch Your Testosterone Levels Into Hyper-Drive With These Seven Commonly Found Foods


The benefits of testosterone are out of this world. It increases ones muscle mass, lowers their fat levels, make them happier and more confident, it also gives them increased libido and erections, and gives them stronger bones and increased energy levels. Its no wonder why every male is trying to increase their testosterone levels, well with these seven commonly found food that I will list below, one could launch their testosterone levels into hyper-drive.


Eggs are one of the most anabolic foods known to man. Eggs are testosterone friendly due to the fact that eggs are filled with natural cholesterol. Cholesterol which converts into testosterone in the male testicles is of course vital for increasing and maintaining ones natural testosterone production. Do not listen to people saying cholesterol is bad, yes, bad cholesterol or LDL is bad for you, however good cholesterol or HDL which is found in eggs is vital for testosterone production and ones well being. Aside from raising ones testosterone production, eggs contain an amazing amount of important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A,E,D,K and B, also eggs have all the essential amino acids in them, which is a good thing because amino acids build and repair muscle tissue.


Celery contains some very powerful testosterone boosting androgen’s called Androstenol and Androstenone. Androgen’s increase muscle mass and so on. Celery also contains nitrates which will convert into nitric oxide, once inside ones mouth. Nitric oxide increases ones blood flow, this is good for rock solid erections and better “pumps” in the gym.


Oysters contain a massive amount of zinc in them. Zinc is good for ones testosterone production, fertility and well being. I personally do not like the taste of oysters, so that is why I take a zinc supplement.


Avocados contain a lot of nutrients in them that is why I call them a nutritional powerhouse. Just like eggs avocados are a great source of natural cholesterol, which is a good thing for ones testosterone production.


Think of a dirt-cheap vegetable you can buy at every grocery store and supermarket. You can eat it raw, saute it in a frying pan or put it in a juicer. This vegetable is known as the onion. Onions have been shown to raise testosterone levels by as much as 314 percent, according to research done at Tabriz University in Iran. This means that onions can raise testosterone levels as the same as substances like Clomid and Nolvadex.


Parsley contains the flavonoid known as Apigening, now Apigening has no testosterone boosting effects, however it will help maintain ones testosterone levels. It does this by not allowing ones testosterone levels to convert into estrogen by binding to the aromatase enzyme, which converts ones free testosterone levels into estrogen.


Many people hate the taste of broccoli, however they do not know how good broccoli is for ones health and testosterone production. Broccoli lowers ones estrogen production, which is good because that means that there is more testosterone molecules flowing in ones blood. The main culprit behind this is the DIM compound which stops the actions of the aromatase enzyme, which is the enzyme that converts ones free testosterone levels into estrogen.



Bring Up Your Lagging Body Parts Up Fast With These Three Easy To Follow Steps


We all have lagging body parts I don’t care if you have the best genetics in the world, you’ll still have have some lagging body parts. Many people avoid training their lagging body parts, I seen it firsthand some people just walk into the gym and instead of training their lagging body parts they train their best body parts. However though, if you follow the easy to follow steps below on how to bring up your lagging body parts, then you will see drastic changes very quickly, I can guarantee you that. 


First Step Train Your Lagging Body Parts Twice A Week:

By training your lagging body parts twice a week, you’ll give them the time under tension that they need. Training them twice a week will also result in growth, forget about your good body parts focus on your lagging ones first!

Below are some training intensity tips that you can use, while training your lagging body parts:

Negative Repetitions: People often forget that the most important part of the repetition or rep which its most commonly known as is the negative portion. This is where most of the muscle damage occurs and from this damage one will experience muscular growth. To do negative reps I will advise you to explode on the positive movement of the rep then slowly lower the weight inch by inch on the negative part of the rep. Doing negative reps will make your muscles burn and grow!

Forced Repetitions: Forced reps are a particular all time favorite of mine, basically you would get your training partner or spotter to push the weight for you when you fail completely. The forced reps will turn on your bodies growth mechanism since these are the repetitions which will send the growth signal to your body.

Partial Repetitions: Partial reps are a shock method that further shocks your muscles into complete muscular failure and complete muscular growth. Partial reps are effective near the end of the set when your muscles are exhausted. You would then try to lift the weight up as much as possible for as many times as possible, continuing to do so until you cant do it no more. At the end of your set your muscles should be on fire and pumped with blood to the extreme!

The Shocking Principle: The shocking principle is when you “shock” your body. This “shock” can be achieved by switching your workout routine or switching the usual way you do your workout. This “shock” will “shock” your body into complete muscular growth!

Second Step Don’t Hide Your Lagging Body Parts:

I have to admit that I am responsible for doing this. For example lets say your legs are your lagging body part instead of wearing sweatpants in the gym, wear shorts instead, so you can expose your legs. Yes, I know it will be uncomfortable for you to do this, but its worth it you’ll see your skinny legs and you’ll have no choice but to train them. 

Third Step Get Your Meals In:

Your muscles can’t grow without you getting your meals in. You should be eating a meal five to six times a day, every three hours.

Below is a sample meal plan that you could use:

Breakfast (9:00am): Three eggs poached or any style, 1/4 pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, a cup of milk and two slices of bread.

Lunch (12:00pm): Two pieces of bread with any condiments, with cheese and any kind of meat in the middle, a cup of milk, a cup of yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit.

Mini Meal (3:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice, a cup of milk and a bottle of water.

Dinner (6:00pm): One pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, one large salad, two pieces of bread, a cup of any starchy carbohydrate of your choice and a bottle of water.

Mini Meal (9:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice and a bottle of water.


The Top Three Fitness Supplements That Don’t Work


One gets blasted by marketing ads every single day, hour, minute and second by thirsty companies looking to make a quick buck. Whether it be on the T.V, magazine or computer, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. Supplement companies are no different they need to market their products in order to make money. The majority of these products are rubbish, except for a select few, which are protein powder, creatine and fish oil. Below I will list three rubbish supplements that one does not need to get big or lean, nor will it help them achieve their fitness goals and so on.

Pre-Workout Powder:

Pre-Workout powder just downright sucks, it’s a waste of money, full of cheap materials. Yet people still buy pre-workout powder for its stimulant properties, when there are way better and cheaper options out there. For example instead of drinking some pre-workout powder, one could drink a cup of black coffee which has the same amount of caffeine as in one or two scoops of pre-workout powder. They could also eat a pre-workout meal before heading out to the gym, containing some quick acting carbohydrates such as oatmeal and grains. Why waste money on a product that has no benefit to it, when there are way better options out there!

Testosterone Boosters:

Supplement companies use appealing marketing words and tactics when they advertise their test booster products. One might have seen it before and it usually goes something like this “Gain two hundred percent more muscle mass, just by taking this product”. Many people fall for their tactics, traps and strategies. I wont lie, test boosters work but not in the way one thinks on how it works. No one will ever gain freaky amounts of muscle just by taking test boosters, however they will notice an increase in libido and so on, which could be seen as a benefit to some people.

Fat Burners:

Fat burners are complete rubbish and not to mention just downright dangerous. They contain dangerous and high amounts of caffeine and other stimulant products that are needed in order to burn fat. The other bad thing about fat burners is that they dehydrate ones body because the caffeine and the other stimulant products in them increase ones body temperature due to their thermogenic properties. instead of taking a fat burning supplement, one could just go do some more cardiovascular training and change their diets and I am a hundred percent sure that they will notice changes very quickly!

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The Top Three Supplements You Can’t Go Without When Weightlifting

Introduction: Your blasted by marketing ads every single day, whether it be on the T.V, magazine or computer it doesn’t matter its all the same. Supplement companies are no different, they need to make money. Most of the products that they have to offer are bullshit. The only three bodybuilding supplements that work and that you will ever need are protein powder, creatine and fish oil.

Protein Powder: There are many different types of protein powder, such as, whey protein, whey protein isolate, casein protein and soy protein. Just pick one other then soy protein unless your lactose intolerant, because its all the same shit and each type of protein powder does the exact same job. It feeds your body with a source of protein when you do not have access to real food. Remember real food should always be number one on your list, nothing is more anabolic then real food. You should be eating a complete meal with all the three macros in it, carbohydrates, protein and fats six times a day, with every one meal being eating every three or four hours.

I will tell you straight up drinking six protein shakes a day, rather then eating real food six times a day wont do jack shit to you and your physique. I personally only have a protein shake right after a workout or when I know that I will not be able to eat real food. Remember food is number one!


Creatine: Creatine is a proven supplement known to work with various studies shown to prove. It doesn’t matter what kind of brand you buy your creatine from, however I would like to point out its all the same shit, if you get buy flavored creatine your basically paying forty dollars more just for the flavoring itself and for the brand name. That is why I recommend you to buy the cheapest creatine you can find because its all the same, if you want some flavor with your creatine drink it with orange juice. Overall creatine is a good mass building supplement because it increases ones strength and that is a good thing because you must progress in the gym in terms of weight poundage’s lifted in order to get bigger and stronger.


Fish Oil: A fish oil that contains all the essential fats, which are omega 3, 6 and 9 is a great supplement to have and use for the body. It lubricates the joints, protects the heart and the brain and allows one to lift heavier then before, all in all, its a great supplement to have in your supplement arsenal.



Get Abs and a Smaller Waistline Fast With This One Simple and Easy Exercise



Ideally us bodybuilders want to get as much of the “V-Shape” as possible while maintaining a small waist. However sometimes genetics get in the way and instead of looking like a Greek or Roman statue one ends up looking like a fridge. There are ways to enhance ones “V-Taper” such as by losing fat, however that is a long and tedious process. Today I am going to show everyone one simple exercise that one can do to get a smaller waist and flatter abdominal muscles.

What is a “V-Taper”?: 
A “V-Taper” is basically a person that has big wide shoulders and a small waist. A “V-Taper” is basically what gives someone the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing “V-Shape”.

Stomach Vacuums: 
This is the secret exercise that I have mentioned above in the introduction segment of this article. One should forget doing abdominal exercises such as crunches or sit ups and just strictly focus and do stomach vacuums once a day, while holding that position for at least thirty seconds. Stomach vacuums create a much smaller waistline and exaggerates the size and fullness of ones chest and rib cage. It also flattens ones abdominal muscles while achieving the maximum definition one can have on their midsection’s. Stomach vacuums are the way to go! doing sit up and crunches are however not the way to go, due to the fact that they build a thicker waistline and thicker abdominal’s, which is not ascetically pleasing.

How to do Stomach Vacuums:
There are a lot of varieties of doing stomach vacuums, for example one is when one kneels down and the other is when one stands up and does the stomach vacuum pose.

To practice stomach vacuums while kneeling down basically one has to get down on their and hands and knees, blow out all their breath and suck in their abdominal muscles as much as they can. This position should be held for at least thirty seconds. To practice vacuums while standing up, one has to basically just do the same thing while standing up. If one is up for a challenge then they should the vacuum pose while in a kneeling position. One should kneel upright with their hands on their knees and try to hold the vacuum position for as long as they can. Once they master this they will become professionals in all other aspects of the vacuum pose.

Famous People That Did This Exercise: 
Some famous people, that have done this exercise and achieved the famous and aesthetically pleasing “V-Shape” look are, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lee Haney and most of the bodybuilders from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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