Month: May 2014

Why The Flat Bench Press Sucks


“How much do you bench?” is for sure one of the questions one has been asked many times during their weight training careers. Many beginners usually start with doing the flat bench press exercises, however they do not realize that it just downright sucks. Flat pressing is a waste of time, energy and it wont even give one the results that they always wanted!

Power-lifting and Bench Pressing:

Power-lifting is an A to B kind of sport, they give one a huge amount of weight and require them to push it from one point to the next, while using all of their muscles. Power-lifters do the flat press exercise since it is a part of their sport, unless one is power-lifting, I strictly recommend to stay away from it.

Bench Pressing and Testosterone:

Many people do this type of exercise because it’s a huge testosterone booster mainly because it’s a compound exercise. However one should realize that there are lots more exercises that do the same thing, which is to increase ones testosterone level. A compound is an exercise which is involves more than one muscle group. Instead of bench pressing one can do more dead-lifts or squats since those are compound exercises too.

Why It Sucks:

The bench press sucks because one can not really isolate their chest muscles since it is a compound exercise. It stresses the front deltoids way to much for it to be an effective exercise for building up the chest.

The second reasons why it sucks, is because it is a very dangerous exercise. Ninety five percent of bodybuilders, athletes and power-lifters that have a pectoral tear got it from the bench press. I do not even have to ask them how they did it, they did it on the bench press. It is officially a garbage pectoral exercise, one should forget about it completely. Why risk getting injured for something that’s not really giving any benefit?.

Lets recap on what I just outlined on the above paragraphs.

1. Sucks at isolating ones chest muscles

2. It’s a dangerous exercise

3. No benefit to it

Replacement Exercises:

Lets face it, there are far better and more effective chest exercises then the flat bench press. Decline pressing is way better, incline pressing is also better and dumbbell fly’s are good too. Another bonus when doing these exercises are that they isolate the chest better and more effective than the flat bench press, they are also safer too.

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Top Three Muscle Building Mistakes Holding You Back


Far too often many people in the fitness industry make the deadly top three muscle-building mistakes without even realizing it. Instead of progressing each and every workout and day, they are instead plunging deeper into the point of plateau and no new gains. This, however can be avoided just by recognizing the top three muscle-building mistakes and learning on how to not repeat them. Without further adieu let’s get started!

Muscle Building Mistake One: Over training

Many people have this wonderful idea of more is better when building up muscle and bodybuilding, however this is not the case. If it was the case then we would all be training twelve hours a day and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many people do not realize that in bodybuilding, one is not building up any skill, like in other sports such as soccer, hockey and basketball. Which in other words means that bodybuilding is not a skill, one will not get anything extra from doing an extra exercise or training for an extra hour at the gym.

Over training in fact is the number one cause of plateauing and not experiencing any new muscular gains. Instead of being in the gym for two to three hours a day, one should simply go into the gym, train intensely for forty-five minutes and then go home, eat, rest and recover. By cutting back on the volume one will keep progressing each and every day, by growing stronger and bigger.

Muscle Building Mistake Two: Not Training Enough With Intensity

Far too many times I see people in the gym screw around and not put any effort into their gym sessions. A gym session should be a brief and short intense forty-five minutes and not screwing around for three hours. One can increase the intensity of their workouts by either incorporate drop sets, forced reps, negative reps and partial reps.

Muscle Building Mistake Three: Not Eating and Resting Enough

Eating real food is number one and is the way to go. Too many times I see people in the gym not eating anything right after their workout or in fact not eating anything at all during the day. Too many people think that in the gym they are building muscle, however this is wrong. In the gym one breaks down the muscle they are working on, it is when one eats, rests and recovers that they will experience muscular growth, which means that they will get stronger and bigger!

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Gain Muscle Mass and Size Fast With These Two Crazy Tips

ImagePaul Dillet



So you want to gain muscle mass and size well lucky for you, your in the right place. In this article you will learn two crazy tips that you can use to gain muscle mass quickly and easily. With these two crazy tips that you will soon learn everyone will comment on how good you look, trust me it happened to me.

The First Crazy Tip:

Use heavy weights, while maintaining a strict and sound form. I can’t stress this more than enough. Too often I see people in the gym using light weights and going for higher reps, this method of training is good if you’re a beginner, however if you think you’ve plateaued then you got to go heavy. The reason is quite simple really, you see if you use light weights all you’re doing is pumping blood into the muscles, however if you go heavy your breaking down the muscle fibres and pumping blood into it at the same time. Notice the keyword here, “breaking down the muscles”. You go to the gym to breakdown the muscle not to pump blood into it, once you breakdown the muscles, you have to go home, eat, rest and recover. Your body will use those nutrients to help repair the broken down muscle fibres and once this happens your muscles will grow stronger and bigger.

When using heavy weights, I recommend you have a logbook so you can track your progress. If your weights lifted and reps go up that means you’re getting stronger, bigger and making progress. If not that means you’re doing something wrong and that can mean you have to either change your training method, rest longer or eat more.

Below is a sample of my workout for back day. I do two warm up sets and then one heavy-set, which I go all out on and go to complete muscular failure both positively, statically and negatively.

1. Nautilus Pullover Machine … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

2. Close grip lat pull downs … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

3. Barbell Rows … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-10 to f

4. T-Bar Rows … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

5. Deadlift … ws, ws, hs to f … 12, 10, 6-8 to f

6. Back Extensions … hs to f … 6-8 to f

ws means warm up set, here I go light just to warm up the muscle and to prevent injury

hs means heavy-set, here I go to complete muscular failure, its important to have a spotter here so you can do forced reps, controlled negatives and so on

f means to failure

The Second Crazy Tip:

You have to eat real food to get big. The food that you will be eating will help you progress, in terms of weight lifted and muscle mass gained. However one should be eating five to six meals a day every three hours, not two or three big meals.

Below is a meal plan designed for the person looking to get big and gain muscle mass.

Breakfast (9:00am): Three eggs poached or any style, 1/4 pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, a cup of milk and two slices of bread.

Lunch (12:00pm): Two pieces of bread with any condiments, with cheese and any kind of meat in the middle, a cup of milk, a cup of yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit.

Mini Meal (3:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice, a cup of milk and a bottle of water.

Dinner (6:00pm): One pound of meat, fish, fowl or cheese, one large salad, two pieces of bread, a cup of any starchy carbohydrate of your choice and a bottle of water.

Mini Meal (9:00pm): A protein shake or weight gainer shake of your choice and a bottle of water.