Get Ripped To Shreds With These Two Crazy Tips

You have packed on some serious size and mass, however now it is time to cut. You want to be shredded and you want your veins to pop out and show up all over your body, but you do not know where to start. You should not worry though because your in the right place. In this article you will learn two crazy tips on how to lose weight and get ripped fast!

First Crazy Tip: 
Losing body fat requires a perfect diet, cardiovascular training, resistance training and time, however there are ways to get the same result faster. To get rid of fat faster all one has to do is cut their calories in half, once they do this, weight reduction of up to five pounds a week is not uncommon. Only cut your calories in half do not worry about cutting your carbohydrate, fat and water intake because that is detrimental to your health.

For example if one cuts their carbohydrate intake in half the result of that will be a weaker person and weaker training sessions. Without getting a high amount of carbohydrates during the day, ones glycogen level will drop and hence they will be weaker. Same goes for cutting other important items from your diet, such as water and fat. By cutting your calories in half, your burning more since you will still be weight training and still be doing cardiovascular training. The end result of this is weight loss, so be prepared to get shredded!

What About Cardiovascular Training?:
Cardiovascular training should only be done a couple of times a week and should be kept to a healthy minimum of about fifteen to twenty minutes each session. To many times I see people overdoing it on cardiovascular training, this will not benefit you, and instead of losing fat, you will overwork yourself to death. Also, I am a firm believer that walking is better than running, since it is easier on the joints and lower back.

Second Crazy Tip: 
The second crazy tip is to maintain the weight lifted before the big cut. I can’t stress this more than enough, too many times I see people in the gym use light weights when they start cutting. This is wrong, ideally you want to maintain the same weight you did before because you will burn more calories that way, and once again this will result in weight loss.

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