Get a Massive Back With The Yates Row



Introduction: To get a massive back ones training regiment should include barbell rows. Barbell rows add thickness to the back and vary what muscle group gets worked on due to the different grips one can use. The exercise that I am going to list below was made famous by six times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, and it is know as the Yates Row. Overall, it will make your back humongous and massive!

The Grip: The grip should be sixteen to eighteen inches apart while using a reverse-grip. The Yates Row packs a lot of muscle on the mid-to-lower lats and back.

The Stance: When doing the Yates Row one should stand parallel with ones upper body at seventy to seventy-five degrees. This stance puts the lats in a stronger mechanical position, while also protecting the lower back from injury. Also ones back should be arches this in turn allows the lats to full contract, thus making the workout more efficient and effective.

Tips To Remember When Doing The Yates Row: 

1. When doing the Yates Row ones form should be picture perfect!

2. To up the intensity one should do partial reps when one fails completely during the positive movement of the exercise.


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