Bostin Loyd vs Jerry Ward My Thoughts

Recently Bostin Loyd has come out by blandly attacking Jerry Ward for no reason over the social media outlets of Facebook and Instagram, stating that he is over delusional, in which I totally agree on. I mean lets face it, Jerry Ward took and probably still is taking performance enhancing drugs and he has never looked good in his whole entire bodybuilding career. He clearly doesn’t have the genetics for bodybuilding, I do however applaud him for giving his best shot and always competing no matter what the odds are against him. There’s much respect to be given to that. I believe that he truly has that fighter spirit with his never giving up attitude and so on.

Even though Bostin Loyd looks better then Jerry Ward, I still think he is a fake and a phony. He is pretty smart for doing this though because he is picking on somebody he knows that doesn’t look as good as him. What I think Bostin Loyd is doing is quite simple really.

He knows that the bodybuilding guru industry is quite competitive and so by picking on Jerry Ward who has more followers then him on most of the social media outlets, what he is trying to accomplish is to promote his name and steal followers or future customers from Jerry Ward. In which I think he will succeed in.


2017 Mr. Olympia Predictions

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With the 2017 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. On one side of the ring you have the camel crew, which includes Big Ramy, Brandon Curry and others. On the other side you have five times Mr. Olympia himself Phil “The Gift” Heath. Also, not to mention the others which includes people like Dexter Jackson, Cedric McMillan and so on.

This years Mr. Olympia will be a well contested Mr. Olympia because you have so many athletes that are armed to the teeth with muscles, mass and conditioning. It will be a bloody fight for first place.

Anyways, here are my top three predicitions for the 2017 Mr. Olympia;

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Dexter Jackson
  3. Cedric McMillan

Now, I know you guys will hate me for putting Phil Heath in first place, but man does he have the full package or what. He has the 3D thickness and size over everyone else and not to mention if he nails his condition he will a force to reckon with. Also, he has a clear political advantage over everyone else. Therefore, I believe that Phil Heath will win the 2017 Mr. Olympia for the 6th time in a row and I believe that this will be last Olympia as well.


Flex Wheeler’s Comeback my Thoughts

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Recently Flex Wheeler has announced that he will be making a come back at the 2017 Classic Physique Olympia. I believe that Flex Wheeler will do very well at the Classic Physique Olympia considering he is almost 52 years old.

With his proven symmetry minus his synthol looking arms (Sorry Flex) I think that he will be a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention his political connection in the sport of bodybuilding will pay off big time, therefore I don’t have the slightest doubt in my mind that Flex Wheeler will be in the top three.

You’ve read that right, Flex Wheeler will win the show outright or at the very least get second or third place.

The reason I believe that Flex Wheeler got back into competing again was probably because he missed that fire and that drive that built him and his identity up. It was bodybuilding that gave him his identity without bodybuilding I would assume that he was lost as Dorian Yates was when he retired from professional bodybuilding back in 1997.

Also, not to mention if Keven Levrone can make a comeback certainly Flex Wheeler can make a comeback as well. Therefore, I wish Flex Wheeler nothing but the best at this years upcoming Classic Physique Olympia. We want you to win Flex and bring the 90’s it’s well deserved glory among today’s professional athletes.


Mac Trucc Leaves 5% Nutrition

Another well known “sponsored” athlete from Rich Piana’s crew has left 5 percent nutrition. He claims that Rich Piana’s 5 percent nutrition is a false brotherhood and that only two original 5 percenter’s remain in Rich Piana’s crew, which have been with him since day one. He also claims that Rich Piana is a fake and a phony. He has also said that in a real brotherhood everyone gets to eat, but in reality only Rich Piana is eating when it comes to 5 percent nutrition. This man is known as Mac Trucc and he has been with Rich Piana since day one, yet he feels like that 5 percent nutrition and Rich Piana have been using him since day one.

In many of Mac Trucc’s videos he is seen proving right our suspicions about Rich Piana instead of just being assumptions they are becoming real and true. He also as of today has a “beef” with Rich Piana and in one of his videos he is seen using the 5 percent shirts and tank tops as cleaning rags while he was washing his cars.


My Thoughts on Vegan Gains

For those of you that do not know Vegan Gains he is a famous Youtuber in the fitness community. Although some of his videos attack other people in the fitness community, I still respect the fact that he has the balls to call out and stomp on all of the fake naturals in the fitness community and industry. He has even had the balls to challenge these fake naturals to fights in events such as fitness expos and so on.

Therefore, I respect him for that, however not all of us are perfect and neither is Vegan Gains. I do not like the fact that he pushes his veganism on us. Therefore, my only advice to him and others that follow a vegan diet is this; Once your passion becomes like a religion you become so self righteous such as Vegan Gains, that you push more people away then attracting them. Don’t ram it down our throats. The more you tell us that we have to do something the less we want to do it. Don’t tell us, but instead show us!

Thoughts on Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd

This Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd feud has been going on for a while. I was thinking of writing this article a few weeks back when Rich Piana came out with his video, however, as I explained in the previous article, laziness got the better of me.

Anyways, my thoughts on this feud are quite neutral. I believe that both of these guys bullshit a lot even though they come off as “honest” and “trustworthy” individuals in the bodybuilding community. For example, they tell people which performance enhancing drugs they abused and so on. However, we do not know if they are telling the truth on other things such as finances, experiences and other material possessions. I truly believe that Rich Piana is a fake. His plates that he uses where proved fake by the Strength Cartel who used to work for Rich Piana. His body also was proven fake by many sources in the bodybuilding community. On the other hand I think Bostin Loyd is not to be trusted as well, even though he tells his fans the real “honest” truths of bodybuilding such as drugs use and so on. He also has outrages claims on other things as well as proven by Rich Piana and others.

Therefore, my stance on this is neutral and I hope it doesn’t escalate much further as it has. My only advice to people is to forget about this feud and focus on yourselves, focus on your training and not their drama.

Rich Piana Breaks Up With Sara Piana

It has finally happened, Rich Piana has officially broke up with Sara Piana. No one, however knows the reason why. Perhaps Sara Piana didn’t like how fake Rich Piana is, but like I said, no one really knows why.

Furthermore Sara probably didn’t divorce Rich Piana as she still holds Piana as her last name. Perhaps they are still in business with each other, or perhaps she has nothing to gain from Rich Piana’s finances.

In the end like I said many times before no one really knows what happened in their relationship, however maybe Sara will be like Rich’s former wives and speak the truth on what happened.

Rich Piana Needs to Learn When to Shut Up

Rich Piana has said a lot of things that have been used against him. Whether it be the famous “Your dick has to hang lower then your balls” or “I can get up to four hundred pounds easily” doesn’t matter, because all of his famous sayings have been used against him. Sure they keep making users come for more and more of his stupid sayings instead of his products, so I guess you can say he makes some money off the views.

My solution for Rich Piana would be to think before saying stupid things. I mean it’s totally fine to funny, but when your serious about it, the whole things goes to the garbage can.

My Opinion on Rich Piana vs Prophet Muscle

First off I would like to apologize to my readers for really lagging behind on content being published on this website. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart, it’s my own fault for being lazy and not on top of things. New articles, however will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday.

This whole situation is getting out of hand between Prophet Muscle and Rich Piana. It’s sort of like two baboons screaming and yelling at each other from across the forest. The forest protects and separates them from any kind of physical confrontation, yet they voice their opinion about each other at the top of their lungs. Its’s stupid and a waste of time in my opinion. They should be focused on building themselves and their brands up from the ground.

I do on the other hand believe this is a good thing for Prophet Muscle because it brings attention to him and his Youtube channel, thus making his wallet bigger and bigger by the day. As the author of “48 Laws of Power” once said “Court all attention at all costs” and “No attention is bad” which is exactly what Prophet Muscle is doing right now. Therefore I guess you can say that Prophet Muscle is on the right track.

Rich Piana on the other hand brought this upon himself due to his fake tough guy persona. If he didn’t have this kind of problem, I am a hundred percent certain that this altercation would have never started in the first place!


Rich Piana Slaps Jason Genova

In a recent video captured by either a fan of Rich Piana’s or either Jason Genova’s friend Nate, Rich Piana can be seen slapping Jason Genova. Rich Piana claims that it was okay and fine to slap the mentally ill Jason Genova, because of Jason Genova’s “order 66” attack on Rich Piana a few months ago for not letting him join the 5% team.

For those of you that do not know an “order 66” attack is when Jason Genova’s “pisstroopers” as they call themselves troll other peoples social medias accounts.

Anyways, what Rich Piana did to Jason Genova was just plain wrong. Rich tells us viewers in many of his videos to think logically, yet he didn’t think logically when he slapped a mentally ill man.

Therefore, I believe this whole situation can go one or two ways for Rich Piana and Jason Genova. First off due to this situation many people will become more engaged on Rich Piana’s videos and other social media accounts, which means more income for Rich Piana. However, I do believe that his whole situation will affect his supplement business and sales. One thing for sure though is that Json Genova sure did get a whole lot of followers on his social┬ámedia accounts due to this whole entire incident with Rich Piana.


The “pisstroopers” have finally claimed victory for their lord Vader, which is known as Jason Genova. They made Rich Piana go on his knees and apologize to Jason Genova! Check it out here!